We are proud to announce the return of Joe Marino to the Global Team. He began his career in shielding over fifteen years ago, and until last year (2015) held a key position at Spartan Shielding for the last five years. His passion for the customer and a complete focus on doing what is right, based on quality insight and a track-record of delivering value for his Customers, enhances our senior management team.

We are delighted that Joe Marino has returned to continue his career at Global Partners in Shielding, Inc.



The Commitment you will receive to Excellence and Continuing Performance Improvement can be seen with our latest "Budget" priced MRI Door, designed to be easily integrated into the most commonly used Shielding Methods for today's New Regime of Magnetic Imaging Equipment. This new design has been developed from years of actual Field Research, and provides easier accessibility for the Patients and Technicians, conforming more to the standard of an "office" type door, helping to reduce patient stress and anxiety levels.

You can always count on knowing that you will receive Prompt, Accurate and Effective Service with Global Partners in Shielding, Inc.